Are your white competition breeches affecting your performance? | Flexars 

Are your white competition breeches affecting your performance? | Flexars 

Do you wish you had more confidence in the show ring at competitions? 

Your clothes are having more of an impact than you think.

We have all been there:

  1. You’re worrying everyone can see your pants through your white jodhpurs.
  2. Your waistband and belt are digging into your stomach.
  3. There is some uncomfortable velcro digging into your ankle under your boots.
  4. Your waistband is a little too low when you’re bending over picking out your horse's hooves *if you know you know*
  5. Your competition breeches just aren’t giving you the freedom of movement that you need 

These are 5 things that are distracting you from performing your best at competitions. You feel uncomfortable and self-conscious, and this directly affects your confidence. You end up not believing in yourself and thinking you're not good enough. As an end result, your performance is affected. 

How do you fix this?

Change up your clothes! Luckily for everyone, Flexars have white and beige jodhpurs for competitions that may just help you get that red rosette. 

Problem 1: See-through White Competition Jodhpurs

Flexars are double-lined, so they are 100% opaque. No one is going to see your pants through either our white or beige jodhpurs

Problem 2: My waistband is uncomfortable

Flexars are high-waisted white jodhpurs. Their waistband comprises two layers of super-soft fabric, with no zips or buttons. There is nothing to dig into you, and it keeps you supported throughout the day.

Problem 3: There is uncomfortable velcro digging in

Classic white and beige breeches often come with velcro fastenings around the ankle. Flexars have no such thing, and the material is so soft. Even if the fabric gets crumpled, Flexars will not dig into you. We even have shorter Flexars to avoid uncomfortable excess material.

Problem 4: I can’t bend over in my show jodhpurs without fear!

The super high waistband on Flexars keeps your modesty in check when you’re doing necessary tasks at your competition. 

Problem 4: I feel so restricted in my white show jumping jodhpurs

If your clothes aren’t moving the way you need them to, it's time to change. Flexars have a 4-way stretch, with 17 individual pieces of material. Meaning they move exactly where you want them to, and when you want them to. 

Change these, and watch your confidence improve (and hopefully your results too).
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