Flexars Size Guide

Flexars should be tight to pull up, this means that once they are up they will stay in place and won't go baggy. They are designed to fit like a second skin. From experience, please see our advice below.  Please size down if you are in-between sizes, for example, if you are a size 8 – 10, please order the XS. This size guide is just a guide, and we cannot guarantee which size will fit you the best.

If your inner leg length is shorter than 25 inches, please order the shorter length. Flexars will stretch to fit up to 4 inches if needed.

Adult Leggings Size Guide

Flexars Size Guide

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Children's Leggings Size Guide

Flexars as Maternity Leggings

If using Flexars for maternity leggings or maternity riding leggings, we advise you to find your 'normal' size and then size up. 

These are guidelines only as every pregnancy is different. Please email us if you need extra help choosing a size.