Flexars as Maternity Leggings

Flexars are high quality, thick leggings that grow with you. Not designed specifically for maternity wear, they blend in with your every day wardrobe which you can wear pre, during and post pregnancy. They look and feel stylish, and with their supportive waistband that sits comfortably over your bump. They wash well, and do not sag or mis-shapen.

Size up for your perfect fit

For extra room for your bump, find your Flexars size using our size guide, and then just size up from there.

See our standard size guide here

"I love the way that Flexars expand to fit my growing bump. I can definitely wear these for a long time - post pregnancy too!"

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Maternity riding leggings
Maternity riding leggings
Maternity riding leggings

Maternity Jodhpurs

Flexars are also regularly used as Maternity Jodhpurs and Maternity Riding Leggings. We recommend that pregnant riders speak to a healthcare professional for advice on whether to continue to ride during pregnancy and what safety equipment is most appropriate for their needs.