Flexars: Women's Jodhpurs, Riding Tights or Riding Leggings?

Flexars: Women's Jodhpurs, Riding Tights or Riding Leggings?

Going back a good few years ago, everyone rode in either breeches or jodhpurs. They were uncomfortable, thick and to be honest, sometimes quite ugly.  Fast forward to today, and the equestrian trouser range for riders has massively expanded. We now have riding tights and riding leggings, and additionally, we have better-designed women's jodhpurs and women's breeches.

There is little difference between riding leggings and riding tights, so in this blog post, we will refer to both riding leggings and riding tights as riding leggings. 

The question we want to answer for you is: What are Flexars? 

To answer this question we first have to explain the difference between jodhpurs and breeches.

  1. What are jodhpurs? Full-length trousers with a reinforced knee patch.

  2. What are riding breeches? Short trousers, coming to just below the knee. Often with a full seat.

So, what are riding leggings?

They are essentially jodhpurs, minus the uncomfortable buttons and zips, without the belt loops and without the reinforced knee patch. They are generally made out of a comfortable and stretchy material, much like the material that gym workout leggings are made from. Sounds great compared to jodhpurs and breeches right? So why doesn’t everyone ride in them then? 

Here’s why: They are often seen as weak, slippery and unreliable. Especially for the rough and tough that we equestrians face on a daily basis. They may make you feel comfortable, but if they don't perform for the rider in the saddle, it's a big no-no.

Here at Flexars, we thought that equestrians deserved better than unreliable and uncomfortable - we thought, why can’t we have the best of both worlds? We wanted strong and durable leggings, not just gym leggings with the ‘equestrian price tag’.  

Therefore, we took the quality and durability of jodhpurs and combined it with the flexibility and comfort of riding leggings, with a few added features along the way to make the perfect pair of leggings. We were so happy with the result, that we thought they deserved more than the label of just riding leggings, so we called them Flexars. They have a high waistband and a pocket (one that is actually big enough to be useful!). They are built for performance and free movement in the saddle, we kept the knee patch for ultimate security and comfort for your knees.

Instead of the standard 4-5 pieces of material that other riding leggings are made from, Flexars are made from 17. Making Flexars comfortable, high quality and flattering for women of all shapes and sizes.

What about competitions? Don't we have to wear breeches?

We don't train in uncomfortable clothes, so why compete in them? You may want to remain 'traditional' and compete in competition breeches. But, you can now wear Flexars for competitions, so we have white and beige for this occasion. They are thicker and not shiny (unlike other brands), so your Flexars are suitable and smart enough legwear for competitions. Flexars are breathable but also warm, they are not waterproof but they dry super quickly.

Flexars may fall into the same category, but they are definitely not ‘just’ riding leggings.

Flexars are available in Black, Blue, Red, and Grey, amongst other colours. Discover our full collection here. We have XXS, XS, S, M, L, XL and XXL, in short, and regular lengths. So is it time to ditch the jodhpurs?

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