Petite jodhpurs and jodhpurs for tall ladies? Flexars have you covered.

Petite jodhpurs and jodhpurs for tall ladies? Flexars have you covered.

After many, many years of requests, we have finally been able to expand our sizing range to include ANOTHER 7 sizes. This time, the length has changed! We now stock a range of short-leg jodhpurs called Shorter Flexars. We’ve chopped a massive 4 inches off the bottom of our Regular Flexars to create petite jodhpurs for those with an inside leg shorter than 25 inches.

What about jodhpurs for tall ladies we hear you say! Currently, our Regular Flexars can stretch to fit up to at least a 34-inch inner leg. So at the moment, we don’t have any plans to expand into a taller range. ⁠If your inside leg length is 25 inches or shorter, we will now be recommending our Shorter Flexars.

Remember, Flexars will adapt to a wide range of different leg lengths, so choose the size which is closest to your measurements, and Flexars will work their magic to fit you. To see the size guide, click here.

We are sorry it has taken so long to get these in stock, but we hope they are worth the wait!

Ellie @ Flexars xxx

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Well done Flexars! This has been a huge issue for me for decades even with breeches. There are only two other brands I know who’s riding tights fit without having to turn up 4+ inches makes a huge difference to the boot fitting too. Short leg wide calf issues lol. I 👏 you ❤ 😍

Julia Nash

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