Navy and Black Jodhpurs

Meet our two best-selling colours. Black and Navy.

Our Black and Navy Original Flexars account for nearly 40% of all of our sales. When we have 8 colours available - that is a lot of Flexars! But why are black and navy jodhpurs so popular? 

The first thing that comes to mind is dirt. Horse riding can be a dirty business, which is why riders need all the help they can get to hide dirt! You could easily spill hoof oil down yourself or your horse could decide to give you a big slobbery kiss. Darker-coloured jodhpurs, such as navy and black help you in this situation, by hiding the dirt! But don’t panic, Flexars are easy to care for!

Our high waisted black jodhpurs are also super flattering and they are very versatile - matching anything in your wardrobe that you already own. Black and navy breeches are also associated with being smart. And knowing you look smart could give you that extra bit of confidence that you need to ace your riding lesson.

With the recent news that you can wear Black and Navy jodhpurs at British Riding Competitions, they might prove even more popular in the future.

Why not check them out here, or check out our 500+ reviews on Facebook to see why you should add a pair of Black or Navy Flexars to your wardrobe.

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