The science behind horse rider leggings

The science behind horse rider leggings

There is a lot of science behind performance riding leggings, and every feature has a purpose. Read this blog to find out how your riding leggings are affecting your performance in the saddle.

Moisture-wicking riding leggings

Horse riding is a sport, which means riders need moisture wicking riding leggings to prevent feeling wet, hot and sticky whilst they are riding. Traditionally, horse rider pants have been made from a non-moisture wicking material, which has left riders feeling uncomfortable. Flexars are made from a moisture-wicking fabric which is perfect for riding as they keep you comfortable in the saddle.

High-waisted equestrian leggings

Horse rider leggings that have a high-waist offer extra support and control around your waist, keeping your body tight and controlled. A high-waist also provides comfort, warmth and stability for the wearer, which positively impacts a riders performance.

Horse riding leggings with grip and full-seat riding leggings

Horse rider leggings with extra grip, or full seat riding leggings can help a rider feel more secure in the saddle by preventing the rider from sliding around. The silicone bits add extra friction to equestrian leggings. The choice to wear sticky seat riding leggings is personal, and entirely depends on individual riders. They are often the choice for riders who ride particularly spooky, hot or young horses.

Breathable horse riding leggings

Horse rider leggings need to be breathable. Even in the winter, our skin needs to be able to breathe to be able to regulate our temperatures. We don’t want to be overheating as this will affect our performance in the saddle. 

Equestrian leggings with knee-patches

Knee patches on riding tights offer extra protection, comfort and stability for the rider. Our knees are touching the saddle at all times, and therefore they need extra protection to prevent rubbing. Flexars have an extra layer of material on the knee for added comfort.

Non-slip horse rider leggings

If you don’t like riding in riding tights with added grip, you still need riding leggings that are non-slip. Flexars are made from a friction-based material which are non-slip, so even without added silicone bits, you won’t slide around in the saddle. This gives you extra movement in the saddle, but you won’t slide off.

If you are looking for high-performance horse rider leggings, with all the features mentioned in this blog, check out Flexars.

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