3 ways to stop your riding leggings falling down

3 ways to stop your riding leggings falling down

Even the best riding leggings can fall down. But how can you stop that from happening? Read our three steps below to find out how to stop your equestrian riding leggings from falling down.

1. Choose the correct size

Reading the size guide for individual brands is really important. All brands will have their own sizing, don’t just assume because you are a medium in one brand, that you will be a medium in another. There are many equestrian riding leggings brands, so read each size guide carefully. You can see ours here.

2. Choose high-waisted leggings

High-waisted riding leggings are a good choice as they offer superior comfort and support. They also sit in a position which makes it harder for them to fall down. Just make sure you don’t choose any that require wearing a belt. In our humble opinion, what is the point of having comfortable trousers if you have to put a belt on to keep them up? 

3. Switch to Flexars

A sure-fire way to make sure your riding leggings or tights don’t fall down is switching to wearing Flexars. If you have chosen the correct size (using our size guide or messaging us), Flexars perfectly contour to your body and do not fall down. Flexars are made from 17 different panels of material, including a super high waistband which has a double layer of material. This means that they will stay put through whatever activity you put them through. We have petite jodhpurs (short leg jodhpurs) and jodhpurs for larger and tall ladies available. Check out the size guide to find your perfect fit.

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