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Sasha's Story - April

Happy spring everyone!

Thank you for coming back to read my next blog about Silver and I, and well, we have new permanent visitor too! AND I have moved yards! So much to catch you up on! This might be a long one, so grab a cup of tea! 

First of all I just want to tell you about being given the opportunity to ride a Multi Champion in-hand Arab, “Majik”. Honestly what an honour, just so special and he is such a kind horse. You feel like you are floating whilst riding, just magical. Please check out my Instagram to see the post about him.

Now for a Silver update. At the beginning of March he was not being himself. He was so much more sensitive than normal. It felt like he reverted back to when I first bought him (freshly broken). It was like all my hard work and hours went down the drain. So I gave him a break from the school, and after 5 weeks of just hacking, we took him back in the school and he just ran from me. In walk he was so calm and chilled but when I asked him to trot and he would run 5 paces at 30 mph (well, that is what it felt like!) with his head in the air and then suddenly stop and look at me. This is when I thought he must be in pain. I booked him in to see our chiropractor Alvaro, our vet Carl and our sports massage therapist Sarah.

Alvaro was amazing, he really helped Silver. Apparently everything was out of alignment, from his head to his tail. They do not know why or how things like this happen, but it most likely happened in the field or when he rolled. Silver has always been very funny about his ears being touched, so finding out his poll was out of alignment explained why his ears and that area were so sensitive.

One week after the visit from the chiropractor, Sarah came out to give him a deep tissue massage; she also informed me how tight and sensitive he was. Silver did start to relax and enjoy the massage after he realised it was helping him.

Carl, our vet, also came out two weeks after because he was still sensitive when I was riding him, and gave him a little MOT. He was happy with Silver and said what great condition he was in. Happy owner over here! He said he thought Silver was just being cheeky and seeing what he could get away with, cheeky man! After getting all clear from everyone else, I pushed him through it and moved him through his silliest moments. What really helped him was putting 4 poles down in the school around a circle, so he something different to concentrate on. He felt like he was back to his normal self! I think he was bored of the school and wanted to stay a happy hacker, but no chance, sorry Silver! Silver had a couple days off, then after that we combined flat work with hacking so he got the best of both worlds. He has gotten a lot better, and his flat work improves weekly. 

Now for the fun stuff! My friend Chloe and I were feeling a little crazy one day and decided to wake up at 3am and head over to West Wittering beach and take the horses, Silver and Cracker, for a sunrise beach ride. It was SO worth it! The tide and temperature was amazing, and the horses loved it. Cantering through the water with the sun on my face must be one of my favourite things. Maybe we will do sunset next time so we don’t have to do the early wakeup call, but we were finished and back home by 9am and still had the whole day ahead of us. We were both very tired though!

Also, Silver has moved yards! Previously, Silver was at my partners parents house and now, he has moved to live with my mum, which is 6 minute drive away from my house, which is just amazing. We have two mobile stables set up with a tack room and the fields are just perfect. He has settled in so well and has become so calm. Yes, you’ve just read it right, we have a mobile stable unit that has two stables! Silver has a new friend, called Berry. Berry is 11.2 Dartmoor who has been bought for my nieces and nephews to start riding. How lucky are they? She is so adorable, please see the pictures below.

Wow that was a long one! Before I end my second blog, the next time I write to you guys, Silver and I would have been to our first show jumping show, cross country training, show jump training, sponsored rides and so much more. Oh, and both our birthdays, exciting times coming up.  I cannot wait to tell you all about it, I hope our first show goes to plan. My fingers and toes are crossed.

Please keep an eye out on Flexars Instagram and mine for updates so you do not miss them.

Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed it. Follow me on my Instagram to keep up to date daily.

Love Sasha x


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