What Flexars should you choose? Original Flexars or Sticky Seat Flexars?

What Flexars should you choose? Original Flexars or Sticky Seat Flexars?

The rise in popularity of grippy jodhpurs is largely attributed to their perceived advantages over non-sticky riding leggings. There are advantages and disadvantages to both which we have outlined in this blog.

The benefits of sticky-bum jodhpurs:

Improved Grip and Stability:

Riding leggings with grip can improve your stability in the saddle, and stop you from moving around unwillingly. Added grip can also help you stick to sudden movements (yes, that paper bag on the road is REALLY scary).

Enhanced performance:

Sticky-bum jodhpurs can enhance your riding performance by giving you more confidence whilst you’re riding. You might feel able to take that winning tight turn in your show jumping round or, they could help you sit to your big warmbloods bouncy trot in the dressage ring.

On the other hand, there are benefits to riding leggings without sticky-bits:

Freedom of Movement:

Complete freedom of movement in the saddle can enable you to adjust your position easily, allowing full connection to your horse. Being able to make small adjustments quickly, can be the difference between delivering a spot-on instruction or a confused one.


Wearing sticky seat jodhpurs makes it obvious that you have just come from the stables, whereas having plain riding leggings allows you to use them for other activities. Original Flexars don’t look out of place at the shops, or in the pilates studio. 

Style variety:

There are a lot more colour options available in The Original Flexars, compared to the Sticky Seat Flexars which come in just two colours. Giving you a greater choice. 

The Original Flexars are not slippery in the saddle due to their friction-based fabric. But we know that some people enjoy the benefits of having grippy jodhpurs.  Therefore, we have added silicon bits to the seat of our Sticky Seat Flexars. The decision is yours to make!
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