How I wear my Flexars - Ellie

How I wear my Flexars - Ellie

Hey everyone! I’m Ellie and I am the Head of Marketing at Flexars! I thought I would write a quick blog to show you all how I wear my Flexars.


I no longer ride as much as I used to, I gave up horses when I went to university due to lack of funds and time. Seeing horses on my social media feed every day makes me miss it a lot. Thankfully, I have my sister and a couple of friends who offer me rides - for which I am so grateful! When I do ride, I chuck a pair of Flexars on - duh!

 A very old photo of me riding our old pony Guinness who is sadly no longer with us.


It is no surprise that Flexars are the only brand of leggings I own! I fully believe in the versatility of our product - so it is only right, right!? I regularly lift weights, go running and play netball in my Flexars. I think you could use them for just about anything! Although not swimming I suppose…

A recent photoshoot


It is very easy to pick up a pair of Flexars and wear them throughout the day! Sometimes I even forget I own other pairs of trousers, and hate having to wear something else! I pair my Flexars with either trainers or boots. My favourite outfit is wearing Flexars out on a long walk with my wellie boots. They are warm enough to wear in the Winter, but are also great in the summer as they are so breathable.

A wintery new year's eve walk back in 2019/2020.

Thanks for reading!

Ellie x

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