The Shape of Beauty Campaign - June 2021

The Shape of Beauty Campaign - June 2021

We are so excited to share with you our Shape of Beauty Campaign for 2021!

Meet: Dominique, Gemma, Charlotte, Emma, Tatty, Tissy, Ali, Sue, Ray, and Caroline.

We want to take a more realistic approach with our photographs, and use a real-world scenario where women are all kinds of different shapes and sizes. We want women to not feel excluded by Flexars, because whatever your size, Flexars have the ability to make you feel comfortable, confident and beautiful.

The campaign aims to prove that to have beauty, you just need to be yourself.

Our models are photographed in every size we stock, from UK 4 - 24.


We asked our ladies why they wanted to take part, and this is what they had to say:


I've lost a lot of confidence in my appearance since becoming a Mum and getting older, I wanted to push myself and stand proud that all bodies are beautiful and pretty amazing, regardless of shape and size.


I was so keen to take part in the shoot, as I feel really strongly that women shouldn't have 'labels' and should be appreciated for their natural beauty, and for who they are. After having a child, things don't always snap back to where they 'should be,' and it is really easy to feel judged because of your wobbly tummy! However, I feel that these sorts of things should be celebrated and not frowned upon!


As a plus size rider, I have struggled for years to find properly fitted clothing, not many companies provide larger sizes and if they do, they don't actually fit but Flexars do! I have always been the largest rider in the show ring and some judges are fat-ist even if your riding an appropriate type of horse for your weight, balance and fitness. Horses are a great way to exercise and when you know you're wearing clothes that don't make you look stupid, fit our curves, and don't reveal a builders bum - you know you're on to a winner!


I loved the quality and the fact they consider all sizes of riders, including petite riders like myself.


I wanted to be apart of the Shape of Beauty campaign as I love the idea of girls supporting girls in their business ventures. 


I am an advocate for body positivity within the equestrian community. I want people of all shapes and sizes to feel included and represented as there is a huge lack of inclusivity within the equestrian clothing industry.


I took part in the photo shoot for Flexars because why not...! I am what I am & to show & help promote a product that is made to fit all shapes & sizes is right up there in my books. So many companies limit their sizes but I am not an average size, so if I have done my bit to help the confidence of others in a product that fits then that’s a win.


It looks fun and I've been meaning to treat myself to a pair of Flexars for ages!


Heard good things about Flexars and as I am not working, decided to have a horsey day with a difference!


We are so proud of everyone who took part, we had such a great time and hope you love the photos as much as we do!

We as a brand, want to remind everyone on a daily basis that no matter what your size, everyone deserves to feel confident, comfortable and beautiful. Remember, sizes were made for labels, not for humans!

You will see more of these ladies across our website! 

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