Georgina Armstrong

Let's talk about stunt riding!

You might recognise her from our photos... or you might recognise her as a stuntwoman show jumper extraordinaire! We asked our sponsored rider Georgina Armstrong a few questions about stunt riding! 

Tell us a bit about yourself

I work as a professional stunt woman for film and television (and I am a full time show jumper!). I am a Flexars sponsored rider.

Tell us a bit about what you do

I've done all sorts. I have done a lot of riding - doubling actresses - doing their fight scenes, falling from horses, riding into battle etc. I've also done a lot of driving stunts (cars not horses!) And general action packed fighting and falling, making those movies you watch nice and exciting!

How did you get into stunt riding?

I have always ridden as have my family (who are all stunt performers in their own right!) So getting into the stunt business was a natural progression for me.

What does a day in the life look like when you are on set?

Every day on set can be completely different depending on what stunts are being performed. They almost always start with a long stint in hair and make up to get us looking just like the stars we are doubling. We always rehearse our scenes and walk through the action on set to make sure all team members know what is going on. Filming means long days, early starts and late finishes! I am always in my Original Flexars when I'm not in costume!

What advice would you give to someone who wants to get into stunt riding?

Apply yourself and train hard. Stunt riding, like any job with horses, requires dedication, determination and a lot of training. You need to be a well rounded horse woman (or man!). Filming can vary so much it helps to know a lot of skills such as trick riding, sword fighting and precision. You can start with simple exercises at home such as hitting a mark - set up markers so you know exactly where to stop and practice stopping in the exact same spot every time.

Last of all… name drop! Give us some films that we would have ‘seen’ you in!

I've been so lucky with the films I've been in. You might not recognise me on screen (that's usually the plan!) But I've been in lots of films you may have seen… in Wonder Woman I was Gal Gadot's riding double (Wonder Woman!), and I also played an amazon warrior. I've also been in a number of other big movie hits such as: Justice League, the Amazing Spiderman films, Thor, Spiderman "No Way Home", Maleficent and The Dark Knight rises to name a few… I wonder if you've ever spotted me?

Check out some photos of Georgina below:

Georgina Armstrong

Georgina Armstrong

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