Finding the Perfect Jodhpurs for Larger and Tall Ladies

Finding the Perfect Jodhpurs for Larger and Tall Ladies

Every rider deserves to feel comfortable and confident in their riding clothes, regardless of their body shape or size. In this blog post, we explore how Flexars fit larger and tall ladies. Whether you're searching for size 18 jodhpurs or stylish options for plus-size riders, we've got you covered.

(p.s, we hate using the term plus size, so we won't use it any more, but its good for SEO purposes).

Embracing Size Inclusivity: Jodhpurs for Larger Ladies

Why is size inclusivity important in the equestrian world?

  • Everyone who is interested in horse riding should have the chance to participate and thrive in this sport, regardless of their body type. No one should feel excluded due to their size.
  • Size-inclusive options ensure that riders of all sizes can find well-fitting, comfortable clothes that allow them to move freely and focus on improving their riding.
  • By offering a wide range of sizes, equestrian brands can help make the sport more accessible to a wider audience.
  • Allowing riders to see people who look like them in marketing creates role models and inspires others to pursue their equestrian passions without limitations based on body size. It also help riders develop a positive body image.

We know that riders don't come in one shape or one size, some of us wear size 10 jodhpurs, and some of us wear size 20 or 22 jodhpurs. We also know that there are limited options for larger riders. That is why we offer Flexars to fit UK sizes 2-24, with two lengths, so we are confident we can find a pair of Flexars to fit you.

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What makes Flexars so inclusive?

The high waistband:

  • Flexars high-waist band give a high amount of coverage. It is also two layers of fabric, creating a supportive and comfortable fit. There are no elastic bands or zips, creating the perfect waistband for freedom of movement in the saddle and during day-to-day wear.

The 17 different pieces of material:

  • To construct Flexars, we use 17 different pieces of material. This ensures the perfect fit on a wide range of body shapes. This is because each piece of material can stretch and adapt to fit you. Where one person may have a large waist and a small bottom, another may have a small waist and a larger bottom - Flexars adapt to fit you.

The material:

  • Flexars are made from Supplex Lycra. This material is super strong, stretchy and gives full coverage, giving you the ultimate confidence to go about your day without worrying if your leggings will stand up to your activities.

The two different lengths:

  • Flexars are available in two different lengths: shorter and regular. Our shorter length takes 4 inches off the regular length, enabling more petite or shorter riders to wear them too. The regular length Flexars can act as jodhpurs for tall ladies, as they can stretch up to a 36-inch inner leg if needed.

Check out our size guide for help on choosing your perfect size, drop us a message on social media or email us at

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