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Why do we wear different clothes for horse riding?

Jodhpurs and riding boots are essential pieces of horse riding clothing for everyday riding and professional riders. As well as being stylish and smart, horse riding clothing has to be practical. Equestrian clothing has been designed for a specific purple, to keep the horse rider to be comfortable and safe in the saddle.

Equestrian clothing - Jodhpurs

Jodhpurs in the equestrian world are a type of riding trouser and are regularly grouped with riding leggings, riding tights and riding breeches. Riding trousers are riding clothes that have been specifically designed for the safety and comfort of the rider.

There are many brands of riding trousers so it can be confusing to choose a brand to buy from. Flexars are horse-riding trousers that combine all the benefits of jodhpurs, horse-riding tights (leggings) and breeches. A leisure rider can take advantage of their comfort and versatility, and professional riders can take advantage of their performance features. You can read more about their features here. They are a great addition to any rider's wardrobe, you can see our complete range of Flexars here.

Equestrian clothing - Riding boots

Riding boots or jodhpur boots are and essential piece of equestrian clothing for horse riding. Safety is their primary goal, and they are an absolute must-have for horse riding, with other footwear proving to be not safe to use for horse riding clothes.

Other essential riding clothes

Gloves, jackets and tops are other key pieces of horse riding clothes, dependent on the weather. Gloves help you to protect your hands against the cold, along with offering protection against rope and rein burn. Jackets keep you warm in the winter and protect your arms against scratches. Jackets can be swapped out for tops in the summer. Another safety accessory to consider is a body protector.

Our complete range of horse riding clothes for women and kids can be found here.

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